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Friday, September 11, 2020

Python Beginner: Classes & Objects

 Hello, Developer!

Hope you're good at handling modules in the Python.

Today, we will learn the "Classes & Objects". 

Python is an object-oriented programming language. Class is an object constructor and we can create data types as objects modeling the real world.

For creating an object, we have to define a class first. Because objects can be created from classes.

In the class, "__init__()" function is used for assigning values to each property in objects. Also, we can define functions in the class 

Class Form

class sample_class: # Define class with class name(i.e. sample_class)

    def __init__(self, value_1, value_2): # Define initiated class values 

        self.value_1 = name # Define value matches class value

        self.value_2 = age


    def class_function(self): # Define function in the class

        print("This is class exercise!")

Object Form

object_1 = sample_class("Class", "No.1") # Create object with modeling class with values

object_1.class_function() # Using class function

I showed full class & object exercise codes as following.


class Student:

def __init__(self, name, major, gpa, is_on_probation):
self.name = name
self.major = major
self.gpa = gpa
self.is_on_probation = is_on_probation

def print_func(self):
print("This student's name is : " + self.name)

Class & Objects.py

from Student_class import Student # From Student_class file import Student class

student01 = Student("Jim", "Business", 3.1, False)
student02 = Student("Alex", "Sales", 3.5, True)


Exercise Result

Can you see the same result on your PC? Great job! You can create class & object in Python and you started the object-oriented programming!

See you at the next post, Python developer! 😊

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